Flash is young energy in its purest form. A global initiative conceived with the aim of spreading Pangea’s vision all over the world, to reach millions of young individuals throughout the planet. The Flash events are uniquely designed, unconventional events, made of authentic motivation where some of the most talented and successful young individuals share their sensational experiences while being the living proof that age is no barrier when transforming the world.

Flash is a lifetime experience, one that has been designed to mark a before and an after in the lives of every young person attending a Flash event in cities all over the world.
Each and every edition of the Flash Events will transmit a new, different and exciting way in which young people should understand their role in making history.
After an event like this one, what inner-genius will you prove to be?

Share inspiration everywhere


It is in the essence itself of the Flash Events to have a unique and alternative format, different from any other inspirational or motivational event you have ever attended.
It is only this way that we can ensure that the Flash Experience will be a disruptive one. An experience through which the great changes that today’s world is experiencing are uncovered, some of them propelled by young brilliant and determined individuals who have been able to spot the opportunity within the challenge.

The speakers that take part in every edition of the Flash Events are worldwide references within particular fields, industries facing global challenges such as education, health, technology or environment among others. The speakers will have the very particular mission of transmitting, through their experiences, their view of the future, what they as individuals are doing to transform it, and most importantly, to motivate and inspire all the attendees to join this revolutionary movement and to propel a game-changing attitude in the face of today’s reality. Attending a Flash event will bring down the barriers standing between you and your dreams. There will be no more excuses for you not to realize who you are meant to be and all you can accomplish.

This is where the youth-led revolution begins


Every young individual in the world should be aware of how he or she can change the world. This is why we bring Flash to every corner and every city on the planet. The more inspiration and motivation is shared, the greater this generation will be.


November 18th, 2015


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Mexico City

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Washington DC

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Pangea aims to awaken, empower and connect the potential of today’s generation. We are born as a response to an increasingly interconnected, global and diverse world where the vast majority of young people lack of a set of opportunities, people and initiatives that enable them to realize their dreams. Ultimately, the youth should never be judged by their age, but by their potential to make an impact on the world, and under this belief Pangea acts as the connection between young people and connects them with an extraordinary set of initiatives and opportunities.

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